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Why Yamarkets Academy ?

Yamarkets Academy is a comprehensive educational system conceived directly from the need for traders to learn about Financial trading at their own pace in a comfortable, interactive environment. Founded by the trading experts who have been monitoring and reporting on the Financial market since 2006, YaMarkets Academy offers traders of all levels the courses they need to sharpen their trading skills and enhance their knowledge of the world of Finaancial Market.YaMarkets Academy is a free news and research website, offering educational information to those who are interested in Financial trading.

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  • Our Education Workshop are designed to deliver key market updates and teach traders of all abilities how to potentially improve their all-important trading strategy.
  • Our educational workshops have been designed to equip you with practical knowledge and set you on a fast-track towards reaching your financial goals.
  • We'll teach you how to create consistently profitable results while maintaining 100% control of your capital.
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Financial Market is a marketplace that provides an avenue for the sale and purchase of assets such as bonds, stocks, foreign exchange, and derivatives.

  1. Detail discussion about financial markets.
  2. Analysing the financial news and acting like Professionals.
  3. Deep Discussion about the behaviour of financial Assets.
  4. Interdependance between all assets class.
  5. Market Anaysis method and tools like Technical Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Chart reading method.


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